How to Stop a Dog from Barking?

Almost all dog owners will tell you that one of the biggest dog behavioral problems most dog parent face is dog barking. Knowing how to stop your dog from barking may just take some time and thought. Of course, most dogs bark, but the wild uncontrolled barking that distracts you must be stop, check out the following three steps to stop dog barking.

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What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

It is vital to know that your dog may die from eating chocolate, because from time to time we feed our pet scraps from our table without realizing that there are chemicals in them that can be dangerous, or even deadly, for our pets. One of them is chocolate.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas

The last thing every dog owners want to see on their lovely pet is a flea. All dog owners know the mess, the smell and the possible toxic effect that emanates from the use of shampoos and other products.

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Top 5 Smartest Dog Breeds

As a species, dogs are smart and one particular study discovered that the average dog is capable of counting to 5, reasoning, and understanding approximately 165 words. But some dog breeds are smarter than others and their “vocabulary” is as high as 250 words.

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Successfully Housetraining Your Dog Requires a Plan

Housebreaking has a clear and definite goal. You want your dog to relieve itself in a defined area, not all over your house. The number one rule to achieving successful housebreaking is to praise your dog exactly when it is urinating or defecating where you want it to. If you offer praise before or after the act you will only confuse the dog.

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What to Do If Your Doggie is Flaking

There you are, brushing your darlin' doggie, and you see little white flakes and it's not snowing. Do not jump to the conclusion that your dog has a disease and is flaking away before your eyes. No doubt, it's just doggie dandruff, and you can treat it right at home by making a few adjustments in brushing, bathing and diet.

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So Cal for Dogs – Dog Friendly Hotels, Cafes and Beach in San Diego

Ocean Beach is relatively unnoticed by the average visitor to San Diego – unless the visitor is a dog or dog owner, that is; 'OB', as its known to the locals, is a small, friendly, neighborhood community, situated next to Sea World in San Diego. For visitors who love to vacation with their dog, Ocean Beach is 'doggy heaven' to both dog owners and dogs a like!

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Water Beds Can Keep Dogs Cool and Protect from Heat Stroke in Summer

Thermo regulating dog beds can help keep dogs comfortable when summer heat hits with a vengeance. Dogs do not sweat like humans but cool themselves by panting. They can be more prone to heat stroke than humans and need ways to find relief when hot weather arrives. Cooling dog beds can be helpful for keeping outdoor dogs cool in hot climates but are good for indoor use as well.

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Truth About Breeding Mothers and Puppy Conditions

It has often been said that man's best friend is a dog. However, there are cases where humans are not a dog’s best friend. There is a major problem today with puppy mills. Puppy mills are production facilities that breed puppies simply for the purpose of selling them. Not to be confused with breeders, puppy mills are distinguished as facilities that do not provide adequate facilities for the animals they breed.

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