Best Balls for Small Dogs for Less Than Ten Dollars

My little shih tzu loves to play with squeaky toys but when a neighbor recently threw a tennis ball into our yard, he fell in love with the tennis ball. These balls are too big for his mouth and but he begs to play with it. So I am looking for the perfect ball for his size and found that there is a good selection of many kinds of balls and most cost less than ten dollars.

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Best Dog DNA Tests - Reviews & Buyer's Guide (Updated May 2018)

Accordingly to theorists, approximately 14,000 years ago, a select number of wolves began to separate themselves, choosing to feed from scrap remains of nomadic humans rather than to continue enduring the demanding pack hunting activities they were so used to. Over time, they began to slowly adapt to this new lifestyle, their features slowly developing to suit new activities; thus, the first dogs were born.

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