How to Stop a Dog from Barking?

Almost all dog owners will tell you that one of the biggest dog behavioral problems most dog parent face is dog barking. Knowing how to stop your dog from barking may just take some time and thought. Of course, most dogs bark, but the wild uncontrolled barking that distracts you must be stop, check out the following three steps to stop dog barking.

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Successfully Housetraining Your Dog Requires a Plan

Housebreaking has a clear and definite goal. You want your dog to relieve itself in a defined area, not all over your house. The number one rule to achieving successful housebreaking is to praise your dog exactly when it is urinating or defecating where you want it to. If you offer praise before or after the act you will only confuse the dog.

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Ten Steps for Preparing Your Dog for Agility Training

Dog agility training is becoming more and more popular with owners and their pets every day. Not just any dog and owner can do it though. It takes a great amount of commitment by both the dog and their owner to become a great agility dog. Once your dog has become one though, it is a very rewarding experience and bond to have with your pet. Here are some tips on agility training for your dog.

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