So Cal for Dogs – Dog Friendly Hotels, Cafes and Beach in San Diego

Ocean Beach is relatively unnoticed by the average visitor to San Diego – unless the visitor is a dog or dog owner, that is; 'OB', as its known to the locals, is a small, friendly, neighborhood community, situated next to Sea World in San Diego. For visitors who love to vacation with their dog, Ocean Beach is 'doggy heaven' to both dog owners and dogs a like!

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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Florida

There are plenty of dog parks in Florida. Some are wide open spaces with borders such as fences that allow the animals to be unleashed, but most have some kind of leash law in effect, either by local ordinance or as a condition of bringing your canine companion to the place to begin with. It is a start, although for a state with such an amazing year-round climate, Florida seems sometimes put-out by its decision to provide services and accommodations accessible to everyone.

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