Thermo regulating dog beds can help keep dogs comfortable when summer heat hits with a vengeance. Dogs do not sweat like humans but cool themselves by panting. They can be more prone to heat stroke than humans and need ways to find relief when hot weather arrives. Cooling dog beds can be helpful for keeping outdoor dogs cool in hot climates but are good for indoor use as well.

How Cooling Dog Beds Work

Thermo regulating beds are cooling dog beds or water filled mats designed to provide dogs with a cool, dry place to relax. They have a special filling that creates a cushy resting place when water is added. This substance removes heat from the dog’s body and passes it to the surface on which it rests. Cooling beds require no electricity or batteries to protect dogs from the heat of summer. They look like typical dog beds or pads and are usually covered with a tough, puncture resistant exterior, although they are not recommended for puppies or dogs with a tendency to chew. These beds as well as soft, pillow bolsters and cover sheets and water-filled cooling dog vests and bandannas are available from various companies.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Cooling dog beds can provide relief from the heat indoors or outdoors. Thermo regulating beds are reported to not absorb the dog’s body heat but will, over time, reach the temperature of their environment. When using indoors, it is recommended they be placed away from windows or doors where sunlight can heat them. A cool, solid surface such as cement or tile will aid effectiveness better than carpet. Cooling dog beds can also make good crate cushions.

When using for outdoor dogs, they should be located in a shady place such as under a porch cover or tree or in a well ventilated garage, with a tarp or heavy plastic underneath to further protect from punctures of sticks, rocks, etc. Keep in mind that shade will move during the day as the earth rotates.

Cooling dog beds are easy to use when traveling. Simply empty the water before packing and refill upon reaching destination. Dogs can be at risk for heat stroke on a beach trip or a summer hike. A cooling bed in a shady place, as well as a cooling vest, may provide some relief from the heat.

Note that these beds should not be expected to keep a dog cool during an extreme heat wave or in a parked vehicle.

Cleaning the Cooling Dog Bed

Cooling dog beds can be easily wiped down with a disinfectant solution while the cover is laundered. They may also be drained and refilled periodically, according to instructions.

Helping the Dog Discover His Cooling Bed

Most dogs naturally want to lie on a soft surface but for the few who are wary of something new, a few tricks will convince them this is a nice cool place to relax. Covering the bed with a cloth the dog is familiar with or a piece of the owner’s clothing as well as placing a few of the dog’s favorite treats there may help him to overcome his suspicion of the new item. The pet parent may also lie on the bed and invite the dog to discover its comfort.

More Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool

Heat stroke or dehydration can make dogs sick quickly. Indoor dogs as well as outside dogs should be kept cool with plenty of shade and fresh water to drink at all times. Dressing dogs in clothing should be avoided during hot weather. Cool treats, wading pools, and fans provide extra relief from summer heat.

Water Beds Can Keep Dogs Cool and Protect from Heat Stroke in Summer